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by Clasidan, 6 hours ago

Great work everyone!  Sorry for the delay in getting the pictures up!



Fallen Avatar

Maiden of Vigilance

Desolate Host

Sisters of the Moon

Mistress Sassz'ine


Demonic Inquisition


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Gul'dan didn't really need a skull anyway...

by Clasidan, 151 days ago

Gul'dan down! Great work everyone! Cake for everyone!

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by Clasidan, 151 days ago

Elisande Down!

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Don't Nighthold us back...

by Clasidan, 179 days ago


Star Augur Etraeus

High Botanist Tel'arn

Spellblade Aluriel



Chronomatic Anomaly


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Hell Ya! Helya Down!

by Clasidan, 216 days ago

Great Work!  Realm second Heroic Helya!

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Odyn and his pup down...

by Clasidan, 251 days ago




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Just a quick nap...

by Clasidan, 295 days ago

Well... Cenarius and Xavius are dead as we awake from this short lived Nightmare.  Only 7 pulls on Xavius before he fell over... Great work everyone!



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Starting to wake from the Nightmare...

by Clasidan, 306 days ago

We've still got a couple of bosses left on Heroic... but making some solid progress so far.  Great work!



Dragons of Nightmare

Elerethe Renferal


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by Clasidan, 320 days ago

Nythendra Heroic down!

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by Clasidan, 355 days ago

I know it feels like it's been forever since there has been a website update.  But... with tonight being the launch of Legion, I know many will be checking back here for updates.  I believe we've hammered out some of the kinks in the roster and I'm really looking forward to slaying some more demons in the coming months.  Feel free to join us on Discord tonight at 12:00 PDT for the launch.  

I look forward to seeing everyone with their newly forged artifact weapons.  Have fun leveling!

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